8 Spring 2019 Shoe Styles That Aren’t Boots

Move over, Birkenstocks.

There will come a time in the season when you’ll get tired of your cowboy boots. (It’s hard to imagine right now, but trust—it’ll happen.) With every passing day, we’re nearing the point where spring shoes—namely, sandals—will finally feel weather-appropriate. There are a few styles that always make the rounds, like the Phoebe Philo-approved Birkenstocks. For Spring 2019, though, you might see more Tevas, as shoppers get reacquainted with the brand that’s now Chloe x Halle-approved. If you’re looking for an alternative to the fan-favorite, orthopedic-like sandals, you can look to the runways for options like seashell-embellished heels, wedges, even flip flops. There are a lot of trends out there, just waiting for you to test out when you’re ready to retire your favorite pair of boots.

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Wedge Sandals

The wedge sandal is considered contentious, it’s a shoe people love to hate. Last season Pyer Moss, Maryam Nassir Zadeh and Area proved everyone wrong by showing that the newest iterations are definitely chic. Zadeh’s popular PVC Olympia Wedges, for example, comes in every shade of perfect pastel and at just three inches, gives the perfect amount of height.

Flip Flops (Yes, Really)

The flip flop is the simplest shoe ever. It’s basically the t-shirt and jeans of footwear which is to say, it should look good all the time on anyone. More often than not though flip flops are associated with not trying. For the past two spring seasons, Michael Kors, Isabel Marant and Tibi styled flip flops with everything from suits to dresses, showing that the simple sandal doesn’t have to look lazy.

Woven Sandals

The best way to channel summer in the south of Spain without taking an actual vacation is wearing a great pair of Espadrilles. Recently brands like Monse and Milly have offered up their own woven take on the sandal which instantly calls to mind better times at the beach.

Redone Ballet Flats

When Miu Miu released their iconic ballet flats with buckles and ribbon straps, everyone was wearing them. It definitely caused a bit of ballet slipper fatigue but the silhouette has been reinvented thanks to the likes of Stella McCartney, Off-White and Dior.

Toe-Loop Sandals

Think of the toe ring on the toe-loop sandal as the extra accessory you didn’t know you needed. Sure anklets are great, but why not give your big toe some love as well? With brands like Ann DemeulemeesterReike Nen and Emme Parsons making such great versions, there’s really no reason not to.

Tevas Taken Seriously

Last season, Instagram’s favorite downtown New York designer, Sandy Liang, styled all of her feminine dresses and fluffy outerwear with white crew socks and plain black Tevas. Collina Strada opted to style their tevas with tie-dye socks whereas Nanushka had their own puffy magenta iteration of the shoe entirely. Not only are tevas comfortable but they’re also easy to style with any kind of sock and automatically make any outfit more chill.

Seashell Shoes

Seashell hoops and jewelry are absolutely everywhere and the trend seems to be going nowhere soon. If you want to channel your inner mermaid but don’t necessarily want to do it with the same puka shell hoops as everyone else, consider sandals with seashell adorned straps instead.

Flatforms Instead Of Platforms

Flatform sandals are like platform heels but better. For one their thick soles are easier to walk in and two, they don’t look all that fancy. They’re the easiest pair of sandals to put on when you want some additional height but don’t want the discomfort of pumps.

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