About Elite

If you’re anything like we are, you have accumulated a lot of jewelry over the years!  Maybe you put some in the safety deposit box, bought a jewelry armoire (yes, that’s a thing) or commandeered some of your husband’s gun safe!

Whatever the case may be, you likely don’t wear or even want some of it.  After all, even if herringbone chains DO make a comeback, let’s face it: they’re hideous!

We started Elite because we realized that many women like us had piles of old, out of fashion & broken jewelry just collecting dust in various places.  Sure, there are pawn shops on every corner, and even upscale gold buyers in town, but those are not for us.

Elite Gold Parties are fun, relaxed evenings where you can sip some good wine, enjoy some great hors d’oeuvres and turn that jewelry from the 80’s into “fun money” for a little shopping spree.

If putting a little extra money in your pocket (discreetly) sounds like something you’d be in to, reach out via phone, email or text and we’ll let you know how you can join an upcoming Elite Gold Party near you.

If you’re interested in being a hostess for an Elite Gold Party at your home, we’ll pay you generously for your time.  Send us a private email and we’ll contact you with more details.